We guarantee an incredible multimedia entertainment for every party event at its best!

Sporowa kierownica Manualna Skrzynia Biegów Hamulec Ręczny Sportowe Pedały Symulator Wiatru

At your disposal are the latest technology that everyone will feel like a rally driver, and experience what is virtual reality.

Our Simulator:

- Spectacular and dynamic promotional gadget
- Fully customizable simulator training for sports racing and rally
- The best attraction for corporate event
- Unforgettable and emotional adventure really felt speed
- The perfect tool for the shares profiled on the competition and the final prize
- Focusing attention on media advertising fairs and exhibitions
- Spectacular facility that guarantees a successful promotion
- A great attraction for the family picnic

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That still was not your party!

Using the latest technology, the user can move to their chosen virtual world. This is a completely new entertainment experience, allowing for multi-sensory experience that is hard to describe in words.

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